Classification of Omani Musical Instruments

There are two main aspects to music: melody and rhythm. In order to produce each of these two elements, two types of instruments are used: those which can create melody; and those that create rhythm. The amount of instruments in Oman's traditional music which produce melodies are few compared to those which produce rhythm. This is due to the following reasons:

 * The Omani still uses his voice in many funun without the help of a melodic instrument.
 * Rhythm plays an important role in the structure of Oman's musical genres.
 * Most Omani funun include dances which are supported by rhythmic rather than melodic instruments.

Oman's musical instruments are classified as follows:
1. Melodic instruments
     a. Instruments with strings
     b. Wind instruments
2. Rhythmic Instruments
     a. Double-skinned
     b. Single-skinned
     c. Without skin
          * Idiophone (by shaking)
          * Percussion instruments
          * Wind instruments

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